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Cars get increasingly equipped with electronics and drive controls. Integration of electronic modules and its interconnection requires careful consideration of positioning and available space in the vehicle.
This is where Suyin can offer you valuable support by customizing interconnect components that solve these challenges. Besides design, functionality and durability, also cost considerations are key drivers for the long term success of your product. Suyin employs latest material and production technology for providing you efficiently and uncomplicated with the optimal solution.
As a key customer we support you also in those smaller quantity projects with customized solutions, where catalog component suppliers hesitate or even reject to offer their support. We at Suyin consider ourselves as your real partner in every aspect of your business, rather than an average supplier.
Try us and you will experience the difference.

Multi-interface automotive ECU Connector

  • individual connection interface combination for complete supply chain and production cost reduction
  • high terminal retention forces achieved through special terminal bard design
  • insert molded contacts for supporting IP67
  • mixed contacts solutions with square and blade terminals
  • available for complete connection with Fakra and HDS integration
  • individual plating options for different electrical application of contacts
  • injection mold tooling with changeable cores for lower quantity high mix interface variations

eCar rapid charger terminals

  • 415 VAC up to 230 Amp
  • overall silver plating over IACS > 93% tellurium copper for high power conductivity

Ridid-flex BtB cable solution

  • rigid-flex cable providing perfect solderability according to IPC-610 Class 3
  • customized copper traces schematics
  • stable BtB connection against up to 6.5 GRMS vibration
  • cost efficient solution by impressively high first pass yield, achieved by automated dual-wave soldering with integrated cleaning and inspection process

High current conductivity connector

  • SAE / USCAR-2 Standard
  • IACS > 50% contact material for high power conductivity
  • 120 N terminal retention force achieved by smart plastic housings combination

Double insert molded boxheader

  • meeting IP67 specification
  • selective gold and matt tin providing both good conductivity and solderability
  • different colors of plastic housing by double insert molding technology

25 N terminal retention corce pinheader

  • > 25N terminal retention force with only 1.5mm plastic thickness by insert molding technology
  • available from 2 to 12 contacts with coplanarity under 0.1 mm
  • various soldering options on either PCB or FPC according to your applications
  • achieve different connection interfaces by combining with individual plastic cases

IP67 OBD-II connector

  • meeting IP67 specification by insert molding technology
  • tooling with changeable cores for either PCB or cable connections
  • customized integration with front panel possible
  • provide complete cable or adaptor solutions