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COB Sensor Packaging (PLCC and CLCC)

Due to our COB (Chip On Board) process and the vertical integration of key components including VCM & lenses, we are able to offer production services for Sensor Packaging (PLCC, CLCC), as well as for complete module heads to sensor makers and camera module makers.

We also offer turn-key solutions including

  • Optical Lens Design
  • Circuit Design & Schematics Layout
  • Mechanical Design
  • Image Tuning Support
  • CCM Test Specification Definition
  • Production

Our manufacturing service is highly efficient in terms of cost and quality due to extra-high production yield rates we reach through the automated production and inspection line technology developed by Suyin.

Suyin supports a rapid time to market:
Sensor packaging and module heads: From design to mass production ramp-up: 2 months.

Camera devices including casing: From design, material preparation and outsourcing to mass production: 3 to 4 months.

Production Steps for Sensor Packaging

Automated sensor cleaning, particle inspection and mounting line

Suyin developed its own automated production and inspection technology to reach the highest production yield on the market. The benefit for our customers:
highly competitive quality and cost ratio.

3D Sensor Cleaner Schematic

Highest quality yield in production by advanced cleaning system and dust control.

Image Testing

Image Test Kit “IRIS” developed by Suyin:

  • Applicable for most CMOS image sensors
  • Deep integration with automation equipment at Suyin production line for highly efficient image quality control
  • Synchronized technology development with image sensor makers

Process integration of IRIS image test kit: