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Consumer and Portable

If an industry is associated with shortest time to market and short life cycles, that’s the consumer and computer industry. This is the market where Suyin learned to be reactive and flexible, from connector development to logistics services.
Today Suyin serves the big brands known for innovative and stylish applications with a high level of customization, supporting product design and cost considerations at the same time.
Our solutions are as diverse as the innovative application ideas of our customers.

As we develop our own production and inspection automation, we are able to quickly adapt our output to the quantity while keeping the quality stable.
Try us and you will experience the difference.

4 bar waterproof micro USB

  • 2 times insert molding guarantees that the product meets IP67 standard with 40 meters water resistance
  • optional customer specific rigid-flex cable assembled
  • highly productive rigid-flex cable assembly by automated dual-wave soldering with integrated cleaning and inspection process
  • both vertical and right angle mating direction types available

Custom mating angle BtB Connector

  • non-standard mating angle according to customized request
  • contacts partially loaded per customer specific application
  • plastic holes without contacts are closed against dust contamination

IP67 battery holder

  • available from 2 to 10 spring contacts
  • high durability by 5000 mating cycles
  • special contact area bumper and pre-loaded spring force structure for stable connection that withstands high vibration and shock
  • waterproof feature for plastic holder and panel

11-pin mini USB

  • 11 contacts customized I/O connector system in a mini-USB interface
  • compatible with both standard 5-contact mini USB A type plug and customized 11-contact plug
  • in-board product design for low profile PCB mounting
  • overall coplanarity under 0.1 mm guarantees perfect reflow soldering according to JEDEC J-STD-020D standard

2 mm low profile spring battery connector

  • miniature spring contacts providing duabilities of more than 10.000 mating cycles
  • 2 mm overall connector height
  • higher connection safety by split spring contacts design
  • in-board mounting option available

Modular jack with chamfered / curved housing

  • chamfered / curved housing and shielding design perfectly support modern designed outline casings
  • space saving through in-board mounting design
  • waterproof solution is possible

Mini DisplayPort connector

  • vertical (see picture) and horizontal mating interface available
  • space saving through in-board mounting design
  • laser welding technology for metal shieldings assembly

Internal battery connection for portable devices

  • Suyin as 1st solution provider to the market
  • Hybrid pitch combination provides both power and signal connections
  • small form factor: 10 x 5.5 x 1.8mm (l x w x h)
  • 12 VDC 4.5 Amp per power pin
  • low contact resistance: under 40 mΩ at up to 50 mating cycles