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Data and Communication Network

Data transmission thorough networks is speeding up again and getting integrated into an increasing number of applications, including industrial machinery and household appliances.

Suyin offers solutions for every application, customized in dimensions and board mounting options, as well as equipped with exactly the features you need.

With our new production technology for coiling spools we are able to be even more competitive in cost.

With advanced production technologies, such as laser welding, we guarantee a perfect shielding performance.

Tell as about your requirement and experience the difference with products tailored by Suyin.

Gigabit modular jacks with integrated transformer

  • various bandwith 10/100 Mb/s , 1 and 10 Gb/s Base-T
  • space and cost saving solutions by means of an integrated transformer
  • sophisticated metal shielding with 3-side grounding panels against electromagnetic interference
  • high-temperature resistant for ROHS compliant SMT process
  • various LED coloring, transformer schematics and plating options are available
  • insertion tab-up or tab-down options fit to your exact application requirement

24 pin and 30 pin SMT on-board 10 Gb/s transformer

Up to 16 ports dual row right angled through-hole mounting type combination with USB 3.0 type A available

Vertical mating direction through-hole mounting type

in-board product design for low profile PCB mounting available in both SMT and THT types