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Industrial and Automation

Suyin understands your application requirements for industrial and automation devices. We gained vast experience by working with leading players in this market for 15 years.

For your new product series we develop a set of connectors that can be adapted by different number of contacts, board to board distance and different PCB mounting options, from angled and vertical to in-board mounting for saving space and meeting your product housing design.
No requirement sounds ridiculous to us – new challenges are our every day’s business.

And certainly, our engineers design to quality and cost from the first thoughts on.

See below some examples of customized connectors for your application.

Try us and you will feel the difference.

Double shielded industrial D-subs

  • typically used in automation drive control unit
  • double shielded for advanced EMI protection
  • terminal retention force > 60N / pin
  • high electro-galvanic gold plating thickness applied for industrial contamination category 3C2 according to IEC 60721-3-3
  • option to equip with M4 or UNC#4-40 fixation screws

200 contacts 0.8mm pitch BtB connectors

  • customized pin count up to 200 contacts at coplanarity under 0.1mm
  • board to board stacking height available from 5 mm to 23 mm
  • featured with poka-yoke protection on both connectors and in the tape on reel packaging for avoiding wrong placement to PCB and wrong BtB mating direction
  • different plating options fit to your specific application

10-pin triple latches modular jack

  • contact arrangement: 8P/8C and 10P/10C available with LED options
  • provide 90 degree angled or vertical top mating directions
  • THT and SMT mounting types
  • customized in-board type for space saving solution
  • extra THT or SMT type metal shielding latches provide more than 80 N board retention force
  • customized plug for PCB surface mounting technology available

5 KV discharge-proof ribbon cable

  • 2 to 36 contacts per row
  • 2.00 and 2.54mm standard contact pitch for 1.00 and 1.27 mm pitch flat cable available
  • low profile plastic housing and contact design
  • connector housing assembly by ultrasonic welding technology to withstand high voltage discharge up to 5 KV

3 mm BtB stacking height connectors

  • high speed stamping technology provides 0.5 mm fine pitch
  • Suyin unique contact design for up to 200 mating cycles vs. general standard = 50 mating cycles
  • rated current 0.6 Amp per contact vs. general standard = 0.3 Amp
  • optional SMT retainer latches for stronger PCB retention force
  • different plating options for your specific application