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A typical lens consists of multiple elements (plastic / glass). The combination of different element groups results in different F-number, FOV, EFL and other optical characteristics. SUYIN invests in lens design and manufacture technologies in order to provide comprehensive solutions at all applications.

Typical time to market: From design and tooling to mass production: 3 months

Lens for Mobile Application

paired with 8MP sensor
TTL: 3.52 mm
Lens construction: 4-piece plastic lens

More options:

  • 5-piece plastic lens for 5MP sensor
  • Wide-angle lens (DFOV: 83.6°) for 5MP sensor

Lens for Automotive Application

Focal length: 1.80 mm
DFOV: 150°
TTL: 19.76 mm
IR filter
Lens construction: 6-piece glass

Lens for Monitoring Application

Focal length: 4.57 mm
DFOV: 60°
TTL: 19.48 mm
IR filter
Lens construction: 2-piece glass, 2-piece plastic lens