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Server and Storage

Suyin developed a range of high speed connectors and cables for server and storage applications that can be customized to your needs. Depending on the product we offer different PCB connection options, such as SMT, BGA and Press-Fit.
Our independent in-house test lab provides you with ……

BGA high speed BtB connectors

  • 525 contacts provide total 400 Gb/s high transmission speed
  • -1db insertion loss at 5GB/s per pair
  • space saving due to BGA (ball grid array) technology
  • male and female connectors both available

272 Gb/s 100 contacts BtB connectors

  • -0.8db insertion loss at 9 Gb/s per pair
  • up to 100 contacts male and female connectors available
  • contact pitch with 0.635 mm and 0.8 mm
  • various BtB stacking height from 5.5 mm to 12 mm
  • SMT mounting with coplanarity of less than 0.1mm
  • poka-yoke features avoid wrong BtB mating direction

Mini SAS HD internal connector

  • compliance to the SAS 2.1 and proposed 3.0 electrical performance criteria
  • 6 Gb/s and 12 Gb/s board connector and cable assembly available
  • 90˚ angled or vertical top mating directions in either press-fit, through-hole or surface mounting technology
  • available in single, dual and 4 ports types

Mini SAS HD external connector

  • compliance to the SAS 2.1 and proposed 3.0 electrical performance criteria
  • up to 12 Gb/s transmission speed
  • metal cages on the external connector and cable provide 360° EMI shielding
  • single and dual port available with press-fit mounting technology

Mini SAS HD Cable

  • maximum data transmission speed up to 48 Gb/s
  • -1 db low insertion loss
  • additional cable strain relief for an axial pull force exceeding 20
  • cable latch mechanism designed for low plug-in and unplugging forces
  • pull tabs are available in various lengths and colors to meet many application needs
  • link distance up to 100 m over OM4 MMF

Fully automated DDR-3 connector

  • available in normal and reverse DDR insertion direction
  • 204 contacts with coplanarity under 0.1 mm guaranteed by full automated assembly process
  • flexible metal latch provide stronger PCB retention force and lower DDR insertion force
  • various height options from 4.0 mm to 9.2 mm provide possibility for off-set DDR insertion layout

SATA cable with ACF technology

  • Ultra Slim 3.5 mm SATA connector
  • highly flexible and foldable FFC cable covered with alumimium film provides EMI protection
  • Suyin’s patented ACF (anisotropic conductive film) SATA connector soldering technology for a stable connection solution withstanding high vibration and shock