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VCM Autofocus

Although there are several actuator solutions in the market such as EDoF, Piezo, MEMS, Liquid Lens, VCM is the main technology of autofocus function for slim camera module. Suyin is doing R&D on wide range of VCM systems, and provide manufacture services to OEM/ODM customers as well.

Ultra slim VCM

for Autofocus Camera Module
VCM size: 8.5 x 8.5 x  2.9 mm
Smallest solution for ¼’’ 8MP sensor

More VCM options:

  • 5MP 1/4’’
  • 8MP 1/3.2’’
  • 8MP 1/4’’
  • 13MP 1/3.2’’


Advanced VCM solution for autofocus camera module

  • Unique Close – loop positioning VCM solution
  • Patented VCM mechanical design for solving tilt issues
  • Complete solution iVCM with integrated controller
  • Non-flat spring VCM solution
  • The most compact, power saving, highest precision, quick in-position VCM